Thunderdome Merchandise 2018


Art direction & design for Thunderdome ‘A Way Of Life’ summer collection & Thunderdome ‘Die Hard Day III’ collection. One year after the massive drop at Thunderdome ‘25 Years of Hardcore’, we’ve created two smaller capsules for the ‘Die Hards’. It’s no secret the hardcore crowd likes it’s merchandise black, but for the summer collection, we wanted to create something a little less ‘dark’. Even the fiercest gabber can’t deny this colorful scheme influenced by the infamous Thunderdome ‘96 Artist bomberjacket, with a touch of ‘infrared’ – a nod to every hardheads favourite sneakerbrand. The second capsule was sold at Thunderdome ‘Die Hard Day III’ and therefore designed in the already iconic ‘Die Hard Day’ color scheme.

Photography © Thunderdome 2018