Decibel Outdoor 2018


Probably one of my biggest projects of 2018 was ‘Decibel Outdoor 2018 – Fuelled by Fanatics’, which also happens to be one of the bigger ‘harder styles’ weekend festivals of The Netherlands, being held at a beautiful location called ‘Beekse Bergen’. The complete project consisted of a main campaign image, a magazine, a huge merchandise collection and as ‘a cherry on top’ Fuelled and I teamed up with John Buise, Kees Riphagen from and Bob Kommer Studio’s, to deliver a trailer animation with a fully modelled, tracked and animated firefly, loads of drone footage, an original audio score and a factory modelled in Cinema4d standing exactly on the same beach as the infamous ‘mainstage’. The final trailer footage can be found at, so check it out and enjoy!

Festival & merchandise pictures © b2s 2018